Private, custom LLMs trained using your domains, docs, and data, to provide the most intuitive generative search experience possible.

Transform your site search with LLMs.

Traditional site search uses keywords and tags. Generative search uses custom large language models trained on your distinct domain, documentation, and context. This specific data is key to going from search that returns a generic list of links, to search that generates actionable insights and contextual, conversational responses. It's ChatGPT, trained specifically for your domain.

Fine-tune results with Sapien RLHF.

Out-of-the-box LLMs are not complete. To get the most accurate search results, fine-tuning is required. This is called RLHF, or reinforced learning through human feedback. Sapien RLHF for machine learning has 7+ years of experience working with industries ranging from transportation, sports and entertainment, hospitality, insurance, and retail.

Private LLMs with guardrails for brand security.

We provide secure, private Ai infrastructure and cloud infrastructure for running and hosting your LLMs. Plus, enhanced safety for your models with in-house human-in- the-loop testing, evaluation, and monitoring.

Search bar UI/UX smart components.

With our catalogue of UI smart components, we'll design the perfect generative search result overlay. Conversational text, clickable images, and suggestive follow up questions to help users go deeper.

Lightning fast search.

Sapien custom app and cloud infrastructure ensure our LLM-powered search is blazingly fast, both for ingesting new data and for servicing queries the moment they are created.

Seamlessly extend LLMs to generative chatbots.

Meet your customers, employees, or fans where they’re most comfortable using naturual language generative ai in an assistant web form, or chatbot widgets.

Best in Class ChatGPT Services

QnA Training

We'll create a KB from your content, such as FAQs or product manuals, to answer questions using Ai.

Parsing Unstructured Text

We'll make existing, unstructured, unreadable data more comprehensible and actionable.

Custom Copywriting

Write a product manual, add copy to your websites, or re-write employee manuals using Ai.

AI Driven Site Search

Traditional search is broken. We'll train an Ai driven search bot using your knowledge bases and content.


Extract keywords from a block of text, or use it for sentiment detection in your social media accounts.


We can translate one programming language to another, or explain code in natural (human) language.


Let's build with Ai.