We build automated and intelligent layers

API/Plugins Development

We can build intelligent layers that extend any existing software programs you may have. It's intelligent-assistant-as-a-plugin to super power your software.


Real time tracking of your bots displayed across a customizable dashboard.

Interaction Design

Conversation flow, buttons, cards - we'll design the perfect user experience.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping isn't just a buzzword when it comes to intelligent agents, it's a reality.


Keep your bots fresh by logging into your account and updating content and responses.

Dialogue Scripting

We'll extract and parse data from your websites to create dialogue. Plus, we'll script personality and conversational tones for your intelligent agent.

Hosting and Dedicated Servers

Keep your intelligent agent up and running 24/7 with tiered hosting and storage plans.

Cross Platform Deployment

Our bots can jump. Deploy a single experience across multiple platforms and keep everything synced up in real-time.

Shopping Cart Integration

Sales automation and assistance all the way through check-out.

Videos and GIFs

We'll create screencast videos and GIFs of your agent, so you can share and promote online.

Prototyping and Testing

Pre and post launch, we'll test and re-test performances, using a dedicated staff to submit queries.

NLP/NLU Training

Experienced natural language processing and understanding engineers, our team produces some of the most advanced conversation AI in the world.

Looking for platforms?

Explore Sapien Partner Platforms.

Sapien provides the strategy and confidence needed to deploy production grade conversational AI.

Think of us as "Siri" for your use case. Our company scripts dialogue, designs cards, builds, deploys, markets, hosts, and manages your intelligent agents.