End-to-End AI Layer

Alright. That sounds like a lot of techno jargon, so let's break it down.

We're a team of NLP and NLU engineers, developers, creative writers, project managers, and interaction designers working in harmony to build intelligent text and voice applications for your use case. We take these intelligent experiences and integrate them across various channels, mediums, and user intersections, to form a layer. We call this the Sapien Layer. It's your business, your personality at its best, designed to engage and serve your users through natural language, wherever they may be, 24/7.

Rapid, Intelligent Prototyping:
Brainstorming the Experience

Just like wireframing an application, we work directly with you to outline objectives, highlight problems and solutions, and begin to design early interactions so we can test as fast as possible.

Building a Knowledge Base:
Designing Conversations

We'll extract and parse data from your websites to create dialogue. Plus, we'll script personality and conversational tones for your intelligent agent using in-house creative writers.

Training Dialogue Engines:
Natural Language Understanding

Having experience in this space is critical - properly setting up models, entities, dialogue trees and pre-generating expansive query lists to train the engine ensures success, and more importantly, eliminates risk.

Cross Platform Publishing:
Launch with Text and Voice

We'll integrate your conversational AI layer across the channels that matter most to you, and continue to service, track, manage, and iterate through machine learning and real-time analytics.

Conversation is the new interface

Conversational AI is upon us because of two major events in the tech industry: cloud computing and machine learning. With cloud services tied to machine learning, we're able to build intelligent and automated natural spoken interactions using both your proprietary data and knowlege from anywhere in the world.

Always On

For the first time, your business has the power to be always there, and one command away.

No Downloads

People can interact with your business directly within their preferred channel, like Facebook Messenger, Slack, the Web, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home.

Interaction Memory

With unique user ids for each user, our intelligent agents pick up where they left off with each user - no matter which channel - using interaction memory to improve user experiences.

We're growing.

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